Frequently Asked Questions


VOTE NOW / Voting


How do I vote on outfits?

To vote on outfits go to VOTE NOW on the banner of any page. On the vote page you can choose between voting on outfits recently posted or posts that are time sensitive and need your votes now.

Click on any thumbnail post to look at outfits up for a vote. Decide which one you like best and click on the center hanger to cast your vote.

How do I make pictures larger?

After you click on a thumbnail post, all the images up for a vote will appear larger in a row across your screen. If you want to enlarge any of these images click anywhere on the photo to enlarge. Images will appear larger and you can then scroll through all the pictures. Simply click back to place your vote and click on the center hanger of your favorite look.

Can I vote on more than one outfit in a post?

No, you can only vote for one image in a vote post.

Can I vote more than once on one image in a vote post?

No, you can only vote one time.

How do I know if my vote worked?

You will see at the top of the page a message that tells you your vote was successful.

May I offer advice on the outfits?

Feel free to make helpful or encouraging comments in the comments area below the images. Please keep your comments supportive, clean and kind!

Can I see older posts with the winners?

Under Vote Now click on Archives to see all past vote posts and then click on any thumbnail to see the winner. All winners will be highlighted with a gold frame and winning gold hanger. You can also search for winners in our Inspire Me gallery.

+STYLE ME / Creating My Own Vote Post

How do I start my own vote post?

To start your own vote post first click on the +STYLE ME button. You will see a page of information to complete. You must complete under 01. Post Details, the Post Title, Post Category and Occasion. It will be helpful if you use the calendar icon shown to pick the final date a post will be out for votes.

What if I don’t pick a date for my vote post to end?

If no date is selected your post will expire after 30 days.

How do I upload my pictures for a vote post?

After you have completed section 01. you can upload your images. Click add photo and then the +upload image button to upload your first image from any of your files, double click on your selected image and your picture should appear. We encourage you to add any information you can so our members know more about your outfit, but not required. Then click add image below the short description box and your first image is done. Repeat this process for the number of images you have up to 4 total images.

Can I post more than 4 pictures ?

Sorry, you can only post up to 4 pictures for your vote post, but do you really need more than 4? Make life easy, don’t confuse yourself! Or you can always add another new vote post.

What if I only want my friends to view my post?

No Problem! For part 03., Privacy Settings, you can decide if you want your post to go to everyone, click Public or click Private which limits your vote posts to just your private friends group.

Can I keep members from commenting on my vote posts?

Yes, simply click disabled under comments in section 03. and no one can leave any comments, or if you want members’ thoughts and advice be sure to click enable.

Is there a place I can ask specific questions for voters to answer on my outfit?

When you are posting your images there is an area for a short description of your pictures. This is a great place to ask a question to our community like “Is this print to bold for an interview?” or “Does this dress look too casual for a wedding?”

How will I know which outfit won?

We will send you a notification with a link to your post so you can see your winning look at the end of your voting time period. Your winning look will be framed in gold with a gold hanger! Congratulations that you now know to Wear This One!

Where can I find my winning look?

All of your posts that have declared winners can be found when you go to My Account, click on My Look and then Style Me Posts, Archived. You will also see any current posts out for votes in this area.



INSPIRE ME / Browse our Gallery


Is there a way to search for a specific event or occasion?

When you go to Inspire Me, your choice is to search by gender. After that, you may select your occasion where you will find a comprehensive list of events where what you wear matters.

Are there other ways to search?

At Wear This One you may search by many criteria including occasion, clothing type, style and color. You may also use the advanced search and search by brand, store and price. The search bar is always available to search by any key word.

Can I add my own great look to the Inspire Me gallery?

We encourage you to add your own style to our gallery. Click on Upload Photo, upper right on banner, and proceed from there.

How do I add my image to the Inspire Me gallery?

After you click on upload photo, complete the information and then upload your image from your file. You are required to provide a photo name, category and occasion. The rest is up to you,but our members would love to know all about your great look so we appreciate your taking the extra time to help us know more. Then click add image and you are done!

Is there a way to favorite an image?

Hover over any image you like and click on the center teal hanger and it is favorited which will now show up in your profile.

Can I see images larger and get more information?

Click on any image to see a larger photo and details about the photo and member who posted the image.

What else can I do with the image?

When you click on any image you can see how many times it has been favorited, view tag words, as well as share with other members.


How do I know what other members see when they look at my profile?

When you go to My Profile under My Account you can see what other members view, as long as your settings are public. When any member clicks on a person’s avatar or name, this is the page they will view which includes all current vote posts and uploaded looks.

If I have a vote post or look uploaded is there a way for my friends to find it easily?

If you have a current vote post or look you want your friends to see, they can find your posts quickly by clicking on your avatar or name in their list of friends they are following.

How do I change or update basic information about me including my display name, location, bio, links, birthday?

Go to My Account and click on My Settings where you can edit this information.

How do I change my password?

Under My Account go to My Settings and then click the Account hanger icon to change your password.

Where do I upload or delete my avatar?

Go to My Account and click on the Avatar hanger where you can upload, change or delete your avatar.

How do I change my settings for news, updates, privacy, and profile activity?

Under My Account click My Settings and then settings to update your news, privacy and profile activities.

Can I share my favorites, vote posts or uploaded photos to other social media sites?

Yes, currently you can share any of your vote posts, images you have favorited and any photos you have uploaded on Facebook and Twitter.

Where can I find my own vote posts and looks I have uploaded?

Under My Account click on My Looks. Here you will find all your current vote posts, archived posts with winners and your uploaded looks.

Where can I find images I have favorited?

Go to My Account, then click on My Favorites to see all the images you have favorited and want to keep.

Can I make collections of my favorite pictures?

We encourage you to make collections to help you organize your favorites. Simply go to My Account, click on My Collections and start creating collections by clicking the plus sign icon in the empty box. After naming your collection, find images you have favorited and in the upper left corner you can click add to collection, choose the name and your image is saved to your named collection.

If you have any other questions please email us at